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Poema Musical: Have Me Too (On the Prowl)

Release Date: 5 December, 2011

Why couldn’t she have me too? As the sky turned blue, As I acted foolishly, Begging for mercy, The crowds dispersing Before my wounded nose. Not even the cold was there To distract despair. I didn’t want to go home Not alone… I asked for her telephone And she lied to me Like a conspiracy to have me off Like the bad actor’s cough She said we could speak on facebook. Think she mistook me for a petty crook Or captain hook whose nook’s a comic book, Oh fook, does she not know who I am? She was so quick to damn, But who am I? We had only just met, She could only see a silhouette. But I was hungry as a Chinese hungry man Knocking on the door of Japan. I didn’t bother to look at myself Or anyone else, I just knocked and knocked Said, “who there to feed a blind cock?” Of course I’ve been spoiled in love And above all I’ve been drowned In a crown so down I call it slipper. But I ain’t Jack no Ripper I am Jack the merry piper from the pilot plain Ive been taught how to play the game Where everywhere’s the same. Maybe she don’t got no sense of humour. Maybe it’s a brain tumour inside the fun gland. Maybe she don’t like no man, Maybe she a lesbian. I don’t know, but I gotta go. I gotta face the fact that tracks Must keep trains in their lanes. I got my own train to catch And some other itch to scratch. And maybe we will match some further day Where I wont delay to convey I won’t betray what I pursue. And maybe then, maybe, She will have me too…

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