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Poema: Who Knows?

Release Date: 22 November, 2012

Hello Universe, is anyone there? I need some feedback beyond this amplifier that I control. I need to know there’s someone else there. I need someone to tell me a piece of some real news, Someone to answer questions beyond the predictable responses of my own silly provocations.

Oh there you are, and how do I know you’re not me? That I just didn’t forget you some drunken night? That the things you say aren’t trapped in some mould that I created in mischievous infancy. How do I know I didn’t spin a strategic spider web in all the frontiers of what you are claiming this day?

How come nothing surprising ever happens? How come no fireworks ever become continents in the sky that we can visit with rocket launchers? How do you explain that? How do I know I didn’t write the book that says that very thing?

Wow, what’s that thing over there? It’s fascinating, it’s wonderful, it’s… Ah, it’s you again! I thought I told you to stay out of my way. How do I know you didn’t just take my key and stalk me and copy me and read my diary? How do I know you’re even there? Ah, who knows?

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