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Poema Musical: The Posted Sign

In between the belly button of time and mine

Lies everything.

I bypassed a few lovers when my focus was too clear

I couldn’t hear the desperate shouts so near,

I couldn’t benefit from loving fear

When I dimmed the light I unleashed a fight between heaven and Earth,

For without the shadows the Garden of Eden was nothing but irrelevant everything.

You know, the best time for the mind is after midnight,

The body might lose its job,

To the inclinations of the mob,

So those afraid are being prayed for by the fearless,

Their caution paid for by the careerless

Don’t you judge the sad man who worships his survival personified by endless bottles of cheap gin, religious sacrament or a steady salary, a greek statue that mimics the movements of life.

Don’t you judge the noble victims of exactly what you asked for,

The sign was posted at the door.

The lazy lion’s roar can be heard from miles away,

In a village where the medicine man is blind

And teaches the young naked children how to hunt with simple tools.

For there is no card in the deck there dedicated to the fool,

As long as we need contracts to keep our words we’ll be slaves to those who don’t.

As long as we confuse invitations with threats, we’re stuck in wars

But the signs are posted at the doors.

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