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Poema Musical: The Night


“I didn’t have much ambition with my poetry. I thought Rock & Roll had replaced poetry entirely and it was a dead medium. I always knew there were limitations to the transaction though, but it wasn’t until Lincoln did one of my poems that I discovered there was another way, a way to bring poetry back to life. He saw ‘The Night’ on my website and asked if I could provide the vocal track of me reading it. I didn’t know what he was planning, nor did I expect anything at all. Suddenly he sends me the first draft and my whole world turns around. Poetry has another voice.”

– Eron Falbo

“The project O Grande Industrial was always about composing original instrumental tracks to old lyrics, a musical expression which would use somebody else’s voice and meaning, usually from the past. With Eron Falbo’s poem, The Night, I felt like I was representing my generation. The poem has an impressive strength and the voice crosses the path between poetry and music. Eron proposed a challenge, Georgi and Jonathon helped us to construct it. In that sense taking part in this project, where everything worked together: poetry, music, and video, was an incredible blessing.”

– Lincoln Silva


Have you been silent this long before, Without consulting your evasion of loneliness? Have you been serene in your own eternity Without surrendering to your obligations? The night comes once a day with another chance To speak again to the silence that betrays your worries. The night comes once a day to vanquish your sense of perfection. Be not asleep every night for that is like pretending only perfection exists. Remind yourself that perfection does not allow for pretending at all. Do not bring your sunny sight into the night, And you dare say to me you do not drink? We are gathered here only to drink… Yet we are gracious enough to allow the access of tourism into our shrine. We know you are the same as we are, We know that soon we will all arise from slumber. Only few have adventures both in day and night, in sleep and sobriety. You have long years ahead of you, or perhaps but a few more gasps. But the sun rises every day without a dance or prayer from the sacred tribe. This is not my promise or that of any scripture or revelation. It is perhaps the only thing we know, the sun will rise. The sun will rise, so you may sleep. And when you finally close your eyes… The night!


Release Date: December 4, 2012

Words and Voice: Eron Falbo

Music and Vídeo: O Grande Industrial

Actor: Georgi Terziev

Saxophone: Jonathon Greene

The music and video is part of the project “The Last Beat Generation”.

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