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Ensaio: Idol Worshippers

Have we been worshipping idols? It took me years of research into spirituality to even discover what ‘idols’ may have been referring to. I think I still have much research to do but I’ve arrived at some notes of insight. One more broad way to define Idols is as either static material representations of dynamic divine forms, or fallible material representations of limitless divinity. In other words, essentially, the mistake in idol worship is ‘limit’. We are forbidden to limit ourselves to objects which suffer entropy. This would of course be very simple if it stopped at ‘graven images’. Idols are not merely graven images. Even though many still have trouble with either statues of a ‘virgin Isis/Mary’ or photos of their own mothers, many of the spiritually aware are victims of a more sophisticated misinterpretation of the 2nd Law of Thermodynamics. It is not only our wooden statues which will one day crumble before the desert sand, or not merely sand castles which will be eaten by the tide, but everything that we hold dear, everything we use to temporarily define ourselves in the whirlwind of incarnations. This is what I feel we have bypassed in the struggle to understand idols. Our lovers, our pets, our homes, our families, our heroes, our languages, our religions, our professions are all escaping us. They are all disappointing us with their ungodliness, because indeed they are not God. They are just a material representation of a much more limitless divinity. They are idols. We cannot cease to have idols and we mustn’t pretend they do not exist. We can, however, choose to not worship them. The idea is, do not hang on to these things that represent higher truths. Hang on to the higher truths and there will you find success. And ultimately even the higher truths are representations of the One truth. And even the One truth is a representation of the unknown truth which is beyond all of us. So the lesson of idol worshipping turns out to be the familiar lesson of ancient wisdom. Be humble in your ignorance.

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